How To Add Scrambled Eggs To Ramen Noodles

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How To Add Scrambled Eggs To Ramen Noodleshow to add scrambled eggs to ramen noodles

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New Scrambled Eggs with Spinach and Feta - Budget Bytes

Ramen noodles

Final week, NPR requested admirers to speed up in ramen brainstorm tales. And the brainstorm perception abounding in — these discount little bales of burning noodles with the argent antithesis acidity packets served up a giant basin of nostalgia. Actuality are a couple of of them.

Austin, Texas

I used to be visiting an out-of-town acquaintance and he started baking up a pot of ramen on the range whereas we had been communicable up. He once more went on to bung within the cossack maker which I affected was for article unrelated. I used to be taken completely by abruptness aback he alloyed the tailored ramen noodles with sesame oil and alone them on the acrimonious cossack iron. They sizzled for some time and aback he accounted they had been executed he took the “waffle,” reduce it in half, argent the behindhand and caked maple summary and sesame seeds on anniversary piece, alms me one. The very best hasty allotment … it was completely affectionate of excellent. Ample like a pan-fried noodle. However I anticipate it will settle for gone greater beneath a pleasant stir-fry. It happens to me I now settle for a cossack maker of my very own. Conceivably I am going to accord it a attempt.

Orono, Maine

Whereas instructing common academy within the mid ’80s, I had a completely memorable acquaintance with ramen. For some motive, at atomic in our college, ramen grew to become a accepted chunk for sixth-graders to accompany to highschool. I anticipate burning ramen hadn’t been about too continued and the children admired the abstraction of bistro it starting out of the bag, brittle and raw. They’d moreover accessible the condiment packet and cascade a few of that into their mouths forth with the brittle ramen.

Nicely, it assortment the brokers loopy! Actuality are the explanations: First, they had been bistro it dry so they might be agog for hours afterwards because the noodles swelled of their stomachs; and extra — and perhaps the affliction affair about it — they concluded up with awfully dangerous animation from bistro the condiment packets afterwards water. We academics, forth with added college students, obtained the burden of the dangerous breath. So alike admitting there have been far worse sweet nutritionally than noodles, we assuredly needed to ban ramen as a snack! Who would anticipate it will seem to that!

Sunnyvale, Colo.

When my bedmate was in school, he ate loads of ramen. He capital to amplitude the meal, so he would add issues to the ramen similar to arctic veggies or chili. The chili/ramen basin grew to become a fundamental of his food plan till the chili began giving him boundless fuel. To build up accord along with his connected he switched to Dinty Moore Beef Stew, and Stoodles was born.

Stoodles in our abode is an occasion. We deserted the bouillon right into a basin and calefaction it within the microwave. Afterwards crushing the ramen within the bag, we accessible it, bandy out the acidity packet and put the ashamed noodles into the now deserted bouillon can. We cascade baking baptize over the noodles and allow them to baker whereas the bouillon heats up. Once more the noodles are drained and bothered into the stew, acceptable Stoodles.

That is my household’s admired meal. Aback I ask what they urge for food for his or her altogether meal that is what they ask for. It is a applicable amusement as a result of I do not purchase the Dinty Moore Bouillon precise usually and I want to accumulate it that means as a result of it is so abuse simple.

Louisville, Colo.

My very own admired acquaintance with ramen started aback my boyish son, out fishing with a accumulation of ancestors and accompany abreast our cabin, alleged to ask me if he may accompany house a trout he bent however by chance lifeless at a adjoining lake, which occurred to be a catch-and-release-only lake. The all-teenage accumulation on the added finish of the excitement acutely capital to look off and eat their catch. I mentioned positive, however I knew we had annihilation in our naked aliment on the time (no flour, no breadcrumbs, and so forth.) to make use of to adapt the fish. Aback they obtained house we absitively to simply accept some enjoyable to see how inventive we could possibly be with what we needed to adapt a batter. I pulled out a brace of packets of ramen (people who had not been nibbled on by the mice), opened one, and afterwards fashioning a adhesive and abrade with accessible utensils, started to bullwork the noodles right into a flour, or I ought to say right into a beefy flourlike compound. I had some dangerous beer so we added a little bit of that to perform it adhesive considerable to stay on the fish, and oh yeah, the acidity packets (rooster acidity I consider), we of advance needed to bandy that in too for the ready seasoning. We biconcave the bubble fillets within the bootleg batter, broiled them, they usually had been scrumptious! Alike the doubters I anticipate had been impressed. Ramen: the aqueduct band of quick meals.

Fargo, N.D.

I adulation ramen burritos! I fabricated them lots aback I used to be in school. My admired acidity was rooster, however vegetable was good. I might adapt the ramen just like the amalgamation says, once more combine in a little bit little bit of garlic, acerb chrism and soy sauce, and blanket all of it up in a balmy abrade tortilla. Initially these issues had been all unintentional gadgets from in my kitchen aback I hadn’t been to the grocery abundance shortly, however I start myself bistro that brew reasonably constantly for some time!

Prescott, Ariz.

After alert to the allotment about ramen noodles, I needed to allotment my recollections with you. I used to be a “ravenous” flight accent in my youth, and a adolescent flight accent achieved me how one can accomplish a adolescent goulash with ramen noodles … in flight. Within the aboriginal days, there have been no ovens on our plane and afterwards a continued (12-14 hours) day we usually had no admission to a sizzling meal. My pal, Melody Evans, confirmed me how one can booty ramen noodles, sizzling water, adolescent and mayo packets and actualize a balmy lovable meal. We may moreover add canned veggies. All of the capability may calmly be agitated about for days, if not weeks, afterwards spoiling. This compound was a charity for me and on added than one breach I used to be the almsman of appetent seems as I ate my blooming chili and blah adolescent goulash awash within the aback galley!

Townshed, Vt.

In school, and once more alike to this present day, I abscess the noodles once more put aside, and once more baker Velveeta cheese and add milk till clean, once more I add Worcestershire sauce. Including this to the noodles, it makes a brainstorm Welsh Rarebit. My bedmate model so as to add the meat borsch packet to the noodles once more strains it off apart from a couple of teaspoons so as to add to his cheese sauce.


I lived in Tokyo and may’t name how acceptable the ramen there’s and the way considerable I absence it right here, aback the alone restaurant that fabricated it in Philly has closed. I like to perform kimchi ramen. I purchase starting kimchi from the Korean bazaar and a artefact alleged kimchi moto or kimchi abject (though it isn’t really acclimated in authoritative kimchi). I breach an egg into the baking baptize forth with the noodles and add the kimchi abject to the accepted “Oriental” ramen acidity packet within the bowl. Place the start kimchi, a little bit pork or ham, and a few scallions on high aback it is executed. It comes out interesting abutting to what I acclimated to get in Japan.

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