La Choy Rice Noodles Gluten Free

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La Choy Rice Noodles Gluten Free

Welcome to the new age of fast aliment dining: Chipotle expands from burritos to bowls, demography a cruise to Southeast Asia. Customize your rice basin ($7.50) with amber or jasmine rice, rice noodles, Napa cabbage, again accumulation on meat—grilled craven satay, broiled steak laab, pork and craven meatballs or veg-friendly tofu—and veggies (broccoli, broiled corn, eggplant and Thai basil, blooming beans). Finish with your best of sauce, adornment (papaya slaw, pickles, assemble salad) and brittle toppings (toasted rice, brittle garlic, ashamed peanuts). This account basin packs in adventurous and spice—hello, blooming curry—you won’t acquisition at your boilerplate grease-bomb joint.

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