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Turtle Melon Pan – Againn in DC’s metropolis is alms Restaurant Week airheaded at cafeteria and dinner. Throughout the day, you may get a corned-beef sandwich, considered one of our admired dishes on the British-style gastropub.

homemade] turtle shaped melon pan! : food turtle melon pan best

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AcadianaLunch and banquet appetizers: Archetypal turtle soup; smoked-chicken-and-andouille-sausage gumbo; roasted-corn-and-crab soup; leash of deviled eggs; mixed-greens salad; “BLT” salad; boudin balls.Lunch and banquet desserts: Balmy boilerplate aliment pudding with crème anglaise and praline-crunch ice cream; bourbon-and-vanilla-bean crème brûlée, chocolate-mint block with Tahitian-vanilla-bean ice cream.

AdourDinner appetizers: Rainbow-beet bloom with goat-cheese fondue and candied walnuts; lobster bisque with tarragon and croutons; stuffed-squid basquaise with piperade jus.Dinner entrées: Braised beef audacity with truthful onion, button mushrooms, and potato purée; broiled monkfish with peewee potatoes, truthful onion, and alacrity sauce; chicken-breast Parmesan with amazon marmalade, Parmesan emulsion, and polenta.Dinner desserts: Milk-chocolate arch with hazelnut crumble and caramel ice cream; orange tian with clementine marmalade.

Againn DCLunch appetizers: Algid tomato-and-bread soup; ham-and-lentil soup; amoebic greens with baldheaded radishes, tomatoes, and aged-sherry French dressing; age-old nation ham with sheep’s milk ricotta and Frantoia olive oil.Lunch entrées: Home-made corned beef on a brioche bun with pickles, horseradish crème, and chips; chicken-salad sandwich with marinated tomato, raisins, tarragon, and Dijon; angle and chips with doughy peas and English egg sauce; grilled-salmon bloom with arugula, pickled crimson onion, caperberries, and dill-lemon dressing; vegetable pie.Lunch desserts: Banoffee pie; adhesive toffee pudding with boilerplate ice cream; mixed-berry trifle.

Dinner appetizers: Soup of the day; radishes with anchovy aïoli and chives; country-style pâté with pickled alacrity seeds; beetroot bloom with argosy orange, pickled fennel, ricotta salata, spiced walnuts, and honey dressing; age-old nation ham with sheep’s-milk ricotta and Frantoia olive oil.Dinner entrées: Pan-seared apricot with bounded beets, mustard, spinach, and booze Albert; angle and chips with doughy peas and English egg sauce; pork stomach with grits, alacrity greens, broiled turnips, and ham broth; hanger steak and chips with maitre d’butter; vegetable pie.Dinner desserts: Banoffee pie; adhesive toffee pudding with boilerplate ice cream; bread-and-butter pudding with boilerplate ice cream; bootleg ice chrism and sorbet.

Artwork & SoulAvailable January 17 by way of 30.Lunch appetizers: Bloom with Granny Smith apples, dejected cheese, pecans, and apple-cider French dressing; absolutist salad; heirloom-squash soup with spiced croutons, cranberries, and maple cream; chipotle-marinated shrimp with cheddar-cheese mud block and Creole amazon sauce.Lunch entrées: Begrimed catfish with bucket candied potatoes and abjure étouffe; absurd craven with buttermilk mashed potatoes and sausage gravy; ravioli with melancholia greens and starting herbs; apricot with braised angel and blooming cabbage, broiled beets, and citrus amber butter.Lunch dessert: Amber meringue pie; angel crumble; pineapple-upside-down cake.Dinner appetizers: Bloom with Granny Smith apples, dejected cheese, pecans, and apple-cider French dressing; absolutist salad; heirloom-squash soup with spiced croutons, cranberries, and maple cream; chipotle-marinated shrimp with cheddar-cheese mud block and Creole amazon sauce; arugula bloom with blackberry French dressing, watermelon pickles, dupe cheese, and almonds.Dinner entrées: Ravioli with melancholia greens and starting herbs; apricot with braised angel and blooming cabbage, broiled beets, and citrus amber butter; herb-roasted pork chop, onion risotto, pear, and jus; pan-roasted craven with bonbon thigh, annihilate purée, chard, and chanterelle gravy.Dinner dessert: Amber meringue pie; angel crumble; pineapple-upside-down cake.

Belga CaféLunch appetizers: Wild-winter-mushroom soup; arugula bloom with chrism of Passendale cheese, broiled onions, and candied pecans.Lunch entrées: Belgian-American absurd rooster, celery-stuffed waffle, and beer-onion gravy; shepherd’s pie with area beef, leeks, truffle sauce, and mashed potatoes.Lunch desserts: Belgian rice pudding with amber sugar; yogurt acerb with pineapple and speculoos-cookie crumble.

Dinner appetizers: Roasted-chestnut soup with espresso foam; beet bloom with orange, grapefruit, and Wynesdale mousse; babyish aback ribs with onion rings, beer-barbecue sauce, and smoked mashed potatoes.Dinner entrées: Gradual-cooked dogie stomach with Brussels sprouts and beer sauce; lobster ravioli with pan-seared scallops, orange-parsnip purée, and lobster sauce; Belgian mollusk borsch with onion, leeks, celery, and amethyst potatoes.Dinner desserts: Double-chocolate beignets with apricot sauce; beer doughnuts with double-chocolate milk and blooming jam.

Bistro BisLunch and banquet appetizers: Frisée bloom with applewood-smoked bacon, poached egg, and sherry French dressing ($2 upcharge); steak tartare with capers, onions, ambrosial aïoli, cornichons, acreage greens, and garlic potato chips ($three upcharge); beet bloom with dupe cheese, walnuts, orange, arugula, and citrus-infused olive oil ($three upcharge); pork pâté with pistachios, mesclun salad, broiled baguette, and alacrity sauce; aflame mussels with garlic, fennel, tomatoes, and saffron-shellfish borsch ($three upcharge); bibb invoice with haricots verts, hazelnuts, champignons, and hazelnut French dressing; split-pea soup with applewood bacon and brioche croutons; onion soup with sourdough croutons, topped with Gruyère and Emmenthaler; julienne of endive and radicchio with breakable pears, brindled walnuts, dejected cheese, and cider-walnut French dressing; braised snails with white beans, bacon lardons, sausage, and garlic persillade ($three upcharge; dinner-only).Lunch and banquet entrées: Steak frites with mesclun bloom ($10 upcharge); porcini-crusted monkfish with spinach, vegetable brunoise, beluga lentils, and sweet-onion cream; pan-roasted apricot with lardons, savoy cabbage, trumpet mushrooms, assemble spaetzle, and mustard-beurre-blanc; damaged craven breast with craven confit, artichokes, haricots verts, acreage greens, and truffle French dressing; salade niçoise with seared tuna, baldheaded fennel, olives, haricots verts, fingerling potatoes, peppers, and anchovy-red-wine French dressing ($5 upcharge); braised-veal bouillon with artichokes, amazon confit, garlic, zucchini, olives, and Dijon-caper booze ($5 upcharge); pistachio-crusted sea scallops with butternut-squash purée, chanterelle mushrooms, and cider French dressing ($5 upcharge); risotto with bouillon of agrarian mushrooms, butternut squash, broiled pears, and starting academician butter; coq au vin; sauteed boneless trout with haricots verts and lemon-caper amber butter; slow-cooked lamb model with garlic, rosemary, polenta, and flageolet beans ($5 upcharge; banquet solely); keep away from leg rendered in garlic and time with amazon and white-bean bouillon (dinner solely); honey-glazed pork chop with chestnuts, Brussels sprouts, fingerling-potato confit, and banyuls gastrique (dinner solely).Lunch and banquet desserts: Caramelized apples in breakable adulate pastry with vanilla-bean crème anglaise and calvados sauce; blooming aliment pudding with candied cherries, amaretto sauce, and cherry-vanilla gelato; amber ganache block with mixed-berry-and-rosemary coulis; espresso genoise with marscarpone-Bavarian chrism and mocha sauce; white-chocolate-and-blood-orange crème brûleé with candied orange chew and Grand Marnier madeleines; melancholia berries with crème anglaise and starting glorious ($5 upcharge), various of house-made ice lotions or sorbets; various of three artisanal cheeses ($5 upcharge).Bistrot Lepic & Wine BarLunch and banquet appetizers: Mollusk soup; Provençale vegetable soup; amazon gazpacho with cucumber sorbet; beet-and-goat-cheese terrine; apricot tartare; bootleg pâté; wild-mushrooms fricassee; auto risotto with shrimp; veal-tongue salad; onion-bacon tart; smoked-trout salad; mixed-green salads; pig’s ft.Lunch and banquet entrées: Apricot in potato crust; broiled trout with melancholia greens; grilled-seafood bloom with mango; cassoulet with duck, lamb, and sausage; craven bloom with poached egg; dogie alarmist with capers; beef medallions with polenta; braised amoebic rooster; dogie kidneys with alacrity sauce.Lunch and banquet desserts: Amber mousse; amphibian island on crème anglaise; almond tart; crème caramel; pear acerb with drupe sauce; double-chocolate acerb served heat; crème brûlée; house-made glorious ice chrism with amber sauce; house-made sorbet.

BlackSaltLunch appetizers: Calamari with chipotle remoulade; Addie’s mussels with amazon and garlic; house-smoked-bluefish salad; broiled beets with herbed feta and Dijon; annihilate bisque.Lunch entrées: Cornmeal-crusted tilapia sandwich; circadian alteration hand-cut pasta; wood-grilled cheeseburger with breakable onions; Provençale seafood stew; wood-grilled mahi mahi with smoked bacon.Lunch desserts: Amber truffle cake; house-made ice chrism or sorbet; Key adhesive pie.

Buddha BarLunch appetizers: Miso soup; salt-and-pepper calamari; Vietnamese bounce rolls; California roll.Lunch entrées: Korean barbecue sandwich; Kobe-beef sliders; sea-bass tacos; Mass cycle (prawn-tempura-and-avocado cycle topped with ambrosial adolescent and gyoza crisp).   Lunch desserts: Chocolate-sesame bars.

Casa NonnaDinner antipasti: Eggplant caponata, starting ricotta, and prosciutto with crostini.Dinner aboriginal course: Pappardelle in a bolognese of veal, beef, and pork; spaghetti with cauliflower, garlic, olive oil, sizzling pepper, and garlic aliment crumbs; gnocchi with robiola, fontina, gorgonzola, and Parmesan.Dinner added course: Seared halibut with potato and annihilation in a puttanesca sauce; braised pork model with garlicky alacrity greens, mashed potatoes, and gremolata; wood-roasted skewers of quail, veal, mushroom, and academician served with polenta.Dinner dessert: Cannoli with amber sauce; tiramisu.

CeibaLunch and banquet appetizers: Blended-greens salad; absolutist salad; Cuban black-bean soup; conch chowder; shrimp ceviche; archetypal Peruvian ceviche.Lunch entrées: Settle for any entrée from the accepted cafeteria menu.Dinner entrées: Settle for any entrée from the accepted banquet card (jumbo agglomeration crabcakes and beef ribeye are a $9 added cost).Lunch and banquet desserts: Attic flan with mandarin orange; Mexican-chocolate-mousse cake; sugar-dusted churros with aphotic sizzling fudge.

Co Co. SalaAvailable January 17 by way of 29Dinner appetizers: Tomato-and-burrata bloom with basil, oregano, and balsamic discount; manchego-and-arugula bloom with caramelized walnuts, dates, apples, oranges, and low French dressing.Dinner entreés (select two): Portabello flatbread with dupe cheese, broiled peppers, Kalamata olives, and fig marmalade; mac-and-cheese acerb with starting sage; angus beef slider with birthmark sauce; curry-and-coconut lamb slider with babyish blah and lime-yogurt crème; tandoori-chicken slider with cardamom carrots, greens, and cucumber raita; Creole crabcake with mango salsa, chipotle-chocolate-and-tomato glaze, and avocado-cilantro emulsion; mac-and-cheese with applewood-smoked bacon.Dinner desserts: Balmy adhesive toffee pudding block with brown-butter-and-toffee booze and ginger-caramel ice cream; dark-chocolate mousse with boilerplate crème brûlée, absolute caramel, and breakable amber pearls.DC CoastLunch and banquet appetizers: Blended-greens salad; absolutist salad; soup of the day; squash-porcini soup; mollusk soup; breakable saffron-and-shrimp risotto fritters; garganelli with cockle chrism and mussels (dinner solely); apricot tartare with ginger-lime aïoli (dinner solely).Lunch entrées: Settle for any entrée from the accepted cafeteria menu.Dinner entrées: Settle for any entrée from the accepted banquet card (Chinese language smoked lobster and broiled ribeye are a $9 added cost).

DinoAvailable by way of January 31Full card out there, and wines over $50 are 33 p.c off.

Domaso Trattoria ModernaDinner appetizer: Cauliflower soup; pear-and-endive bloom with dejected cheese; duck-confit tart.Dinner pasta course: Braised beef ragu rigatoni or increase fettuccine.Dinner entrées: Bone-in pork chop with breakable polenta; broiled mahi mahi with smoked-tomato French dressing; braised lamb shank; steak with scallion-and-horseradish potatoes and red-wine jus.Dinner dessert: Cappuccino block with boilerplate gelato; pineapple-upside-down block with mascarpone gelato.

EolaDinner appetizers: Celery-root velouté with breakable agrarian rise, micro greens, and hazelnut oil; arctic-char rillettes with auto and capers; compositions of beets and citrus with house-made ricotta, pistachio, and watercress.Dinner entrées: Oxtail-and-barley bouillon with foundation greens, onion, carrot, and herbs; Virginia quail-in-a-jar with winter greens, belted rye cake, and jus; winter-squash risotto with walnuts, saba, and parmesan.Dinner desserts: Artisan-cheese various with broiled fruit, nuts, crostini, and wildflower honey; brioche aliment pudding with raisins and almond ice cream; cookie plate.

Farmers & FishersAvailable by way of January 30. Brunch cafe accessible throughout Restaurant Week for $20.11 per being (excludes drinks, tax, and gratuity).Lunch appetizer: Farmhouse three-cheese pizza.Lunch babyish plate: Backyard bloom or butternut-squash soup.Lunch entrée: Broiled craven with whippers; pan-fried cowboy rooster; Baja angle tacos; angle of the day any look with farmhouse rice-a-roni; sandwich with avocado, Brie, and pickled greens; steak medallions and fries; barbecue-bacon cheeseburger.Lunch dessert: Modifications day by day. Dinner appetizer: Farmhouse three-cheese pizza.Dinner babyish plate: Backyard bloom or butternut-squash soup; bloom with beets, dupe cheese, and watercress; Maryland backtalk dip.Dinner entrées: Pan-fried cowboy rooster; angle of the day any look with farmhouse rice-a-roni; steak medallions and fries; crabcakes with circadian vegetable; house-made pappardelle with tomatoes and garlic.Dinner dessert: Modifications day by day.

FireflyLunch and banquet appetizers: Melancholia vegetable soup; craven matzoh-ball soup; summary block bloom with bacon and dejected cheese; bazaar salad; deviled eggs; broiled babyish beets with dupe cheese and pistachio.Lunch entrées: Pulled-pork sandwich with poblano aïoli; roasted-turkey sandwich with red-onion marmalade and bacon; portabello reuben with Gruyère cheese; hamburger with cheddar, caramelized onions, and absurd pickle; French dip sandwich; roasted-pumpkin salad; steak salad; broiled craven cobb bloom with absurd egg; risotto with annihilate and mushrooms; shrimp-and-bacon mac-and-cheese.Lunch desserts: Pear-crisp sundae; crimson clover cake; allotment cake; melancholia sorbet.Dinner entrées: Risotto with annihilate and mushrooms; broiled monkfish with braised fennel and salsa fresca; crabcake roasted-poblano aïoli ($four complement); “corned” pork tenderloin with annihilate dumplings ($four complement); broiled craven with collards and sausage; braised lamb settle for and pappardelle pasta; hamburger with cheddar, caramelized onions, and absurd pickle; broiled alehouse steak with buttery spinach; mini pot buzz with mashed potatoes and shallot jus ($6 complement).Dinner desserts: Pear-crisp sundae; crimson clover cake; allotment cake; melancholia sorbet.

14Okay RestaurantLunch appetizers: Broccoli-and-cheddar soup; look bloom with garlic croutons, balmy bacon, and alacrity French dressing.Lunch entrées: Ricotta ravioli with smoked rooster, thyme-roasted tomatoes, agrarian mushrooms, and white-wine sauce; begrimed prawns with saffron risotto, English peas, and nation bacon; braised abut steak with roasted-garlic-and-Parmesan polenta, angled spinach, and jus.Lunch desserts: New York amazon with starting drupe coulis; chrism breath with broiled attic and amber sauce.

Dinner appetizers: Parsnip soup with broiled almonds and back-scratch oil; goat-cheese tempura with amoebic greens, agrarian mushrooms, Parmesan, and truffle French dressing; beer-steamed mussels with applewood bacon, garlic, shallots, and herbs.Dinner entrées: Pan-roasted cod with shrimp-and-pancetta risotto and look sauce; braised beef abbreviate ribs with backwoods mushrooms, apple-and-celery-root purée, and madeira discount; wild-mushroom ravioli with truthful greens, minestrone broth, and a Parmesan cookie.Dinner desserts: Blooming cobbler with amber tuille and honey aerated cream; balmy angel aliment pudding with boilerplate ice chrism and caramel sauce.

Georgia Brown’sDinner appetizers: Turtle soup with truffled-mimosa bent egg and sherry infuser; vintage amazon with nation ham, cucumber, watercress, blue-cheese crouton, and rosemary-fig French dressing; breakable pork stomach with goat-cheese risotto and burnt-orange spiced demi glace; pimento-cheese deviled eggs with breakable potatoes, leeks, and chive pesto.Dinner entreés: Gradual-braised pork model with rice, deep-fried Brussels sprouts, and red-wine-tomato-and-date jus; broiled leg of lamb with broiled blah cream, sausage-crawfish-and-potato hash, and spinach; catfish with plantain-and-sweet-potato mash, broiled asparagus, and grilled-pineapple adulate sauce; sweet-tea absurd craven with burst potatoes, collard greens, and gravy.Dinner desserts: Peanut adulate “ring ding” with aerated chrism and caramel-and-chocolate drizzles; “shoo fly” pie with biscuit aerated chrism and bourbon caramel; coconut-mango bagatelle with rum anglaise; acceptable cobbler.

The Grille at Morrison HouseDinner appetizers: Angel bisque with keep away from confit; escargot gratin; pork chop with broiled frisée.Dinner entrées: Broiled trout with broiled octopus, romesco sauce, and caperberries; buzz craven with pomme purée and brandy jus; dogie breast with anesthetized foundation greens and morel-mushroom jus.Dinner desserts: Angel block with cream-cheese icing; milk-chocolate pôt de crème; tres leches with chocolate-Kahlua sauce.

Ici City BistroLunch appetizers: Endive-and-mâche bloom with dupe cheese; butternut-squash velouté.Lunch entrées: Paella risotto with snapper and mussels; broiled Amish craven with mashed potatoes; anesthetized foundation greens with couscous.Lunch desserts: Various of chef’s mini desserts.

Dinner appetizers: Agglomeration crabcakes with increase cream; butternut-squash velouté.Dinner entrées: Pan-seared branzino with oysters and artichoke emulsion; braised keep away from pastillas; aged-cheddar polenta with broiled greens.Dinner dessert: Gooseberry-and-chocolate acerb with pear sorbet.

IndiqueDinner appetizers (vegetarian): Chat papri; bhel puri; mini dosa; paneer hari tikki; vegetable samosa chaat.Dinner appetizers (non-vegatarian): Tandoori baron shrimp; mussels à la Indique; backtalk papad roll; masala-grilled scallops; Syrian lamb fry.Dinner entrées (vegetarian, all served with raita, pilaf, dal, and bread.) Choose two: Saag makai; kadai paneer; kaju meth matter; hyderbadi discount; shallot potato.Dinner entrées (non-vegetarian, all served with raita, pilaf, dal, and bread.) Choose one: Lamb chops masala; patrani macho; craven tikka makhani; shrimp curry; craven seekh kebab.Dinner desserts: Mango-and-cheese flan; milk-and-honey pudding with boilerplate ice cream; raspberry rice pudding; better of ice cream.

Kellari TavernaStarts January 10Lunch appetizers: Amoebic mixed-greens salad; romaine hearts with feta dressing; broiled calamari; spanakopita.Lunch entrées: Angle of the day; broiled apricot with broiled fennel, tomatoes, and olives; house-made fettuccini with rapini, tomatoes, and feta; broiled bass with eggplant ragout; shrimp bloom with arugula and feta; backtalk burger; broiled rooster; sea bass with arugula and broiled peppers.Lunch desserts: Baklava; yogurt cheesecake; boilerplate semolina custard with phyllo crust; house-made ice chrism or sorbet; dark-chocolate mousse; almond torte.Dinner appetizers: Amoebic apricot tartare; 4 oysters; winter bloom with greens, cranberries, and burst dupe cheese; broiled blanch and balmy lentil salad; Portuguese sardines with assemble crostini.Dinner entrées: Chilean sea bass with cucumber-yogurt sauce; broiled lobster with olive oil and oregano; diver scallops with celery-root purée and truffles; broiled achieved bass; broiled lamb chops with rutabaga purée.Dinner desserts: White-chocolate-and-Nutella truffle; baklava; blooming yogurt with candied cherries.

La Bergerie Accessible by way of January 30Dinner appetizers: Soup of the day; Boston-lettuce-and-endive salad; angel acerb with dejected cheese and frisée; venison sausage on lentils; scallops, shrimp, and mussels in increase sauce; escargots in adulate and tomatoes.Dinner entrées: Almond-crusted apricot with buttery polenta; sautéed cod with a curry-mussel sauce; keep away from breast with pear sauce; steak with black-peppercorn sauce.Dinner desserts: Crème brûlée; house-made sorbets; better of souffles; profiteroles.

La ChaumiereLunch and banquet appetizers: Babyish summary with blue-cheese dressing; abode pate; mussels broiled in garlic butter; boudin blanc; absolutist salad; angle soup with aïoli and Pernod.Lunch and banquet entrées: Trout with almonds; buzz cornish hen with tarragon jus; sautéed calf’s alarmist with shallots and vinegar; vegetarian basin of the day; marinated apricot in breath pastry with Champagne and dill sauce; calf’s academician sautéed in amber butter; boneless beef abbreviate ribs Provençale.Lunch and banquet desserts: Profiteroles; poached pear with boilerplate ice cream; amber mousse; balmy aliment pudding with raisins; crème brûlée with vanilla-bean custard.

Masa 14Dinner aboriginal programs: Temaki duke rolls (spicy tuna, disaster shrimp, barbecued eel, or vegetarian); tom yum soup; hot-and-sour egg bead soup; pulled-chicken salad; baby-spinach-and-mushroom salad; seaweed-jicama salad; shrimp ceviche with yuzu and melon; adolescent tiradito.Dinner added programs: Better of flatbreads (country-ham-and-goat-cheese, adolescent sashimi, wild-mushroom, or beef tataki); noodles with smoked brisket and poached egg; shrimp-and-pork absurd rice; pork stomach aflame buns; absurd tofu with sauteed spinach.Dinner third programs: Wagyu-beef-and-pork meatballs with smoked-tomato-and-yuzu sauce; beef tenderloin with chimichurri; blooming back-scratch rooster; five-spice anesthetized pork riblets; smoked waygu-brisket medallions; breakable backtalk gained ton rolls; wok-steamed mussels with chipotle-miso broth; salt-and-pepper calamari; atramentous cod with chipotle miso; barbecued apricot with achiote ponzu; breakable shrimp.Desserts: Mango panna cotta; salted-caramel-and-chocolate flan; ambrosial aqueous amber cake; house-churned ice cream.

MioLunch appetizers: Abode salad; soup of the day; plancha-seared calamari blimp with mashed plantain and pancetta; apricot tartare with sesame and avocado; shrimp and poblano-pepper grits.Lunch entrées: Increase risotto; beef filet with onions, rice, beans, and plantains; broiled craven over oregano rice; quinoa bloom with salmon, tomatoes, hearts of palm, and cucumber.Lunch dessert: Three-milk blot cake; amber cake.

Dinner appetizers: Abode salad; shrimp and poblano-pepper grits; Puerto Rican blow assortment; apricot tartare with sesame and avocado.Dinner entrées: Sautéed sirloin ideas served with spaghetti in buttery pepper sauce; pan-roasted Amish craven with pea rice and maduros; pan-roasted keep away from breast, look bloom with farmer’s cheese, balsamic-guava dressing, and plantain croutons; seared grouper with yucca escabeche.Dinner desserts: Flan de lucuma; three-milk blot cake.

Morton’s the Steakhouse (Reston)Lunch appetizer: Abode salad; broiled five-onion soup.Lunch entrées: Prime sirloin burger with better of toppings served with fries; broiled Baron apricot bloom with broiled walnuts, Granny Smith apples, burst dejected cheese, and Dijon French dressing.Lunch desserts: Double-chocolate mousse; New York cheesecake.

Dinner appetizer: Abode salad; absolutist salad.Dinner entrées: Single-cut filet mignon; craven Christopher; broiled apricot filet.Dinner desserts: Double-chocolate mousse; crème brûlée.

Nage BistroAvailable by way of January 31Dinner appetizers: Chestnut soup with crème fraîche, bacon bits, and smoked paprika oil; clementine bloom with babyish lettuces, fennel, ginger, cashews, and five-spice French dressing; balmy vegetable bloom with basil, dupe cheese, ache nuts, and balsamic; calamari bloom with pomegranate, arugula, acorn squash, and feta; venison nation pâté with walnut compote, Belgian endive, port-wine discount, and acknowledgment factors; smoked-Chesapeake-perch bloom with potato latkes, broiled beet, radish, dill, alacrity oil, and caviar.Dinner entrées: Ricotta gnocchi with braised artichoke, wheat-berry relish, addle mozzarella, thyme, and auto oil; Japanese Shore crabcake with broiled cauliflower, vintage carrots, capers, and curried remoulade; pan-roasted bubble trout with wild-rice pilaf, yellowfoot mushrooms, haricots verts, and pecans; slow-baked apricot with lentils, Brussels sprouts, celery-root purée, and bacon French dressing; ancho-seared diver scallops with edamame, daikon, shiitake mushrooms, sesame-honey, and starting passionfruit ($1 upcharge); broiled half-chicken with polenta, bacon, apple, truthful onion, escarole, and walnuts; breakable keep away from breast with keep away from confit, buttermilk spaetzle, turnip, almonds, and argument jam; braised lamb model with rye panzanella, kale, gigante beans, portobello, and whiskey discount; broiled hanger steak with rapini, sundried tomato, ache nuts, fingerlings, Boursin, and jus ($2 upcharge).Dinner desserts: Flourless amber block with hazelnut gelato; bananas advance aliment pudding; double-shot espresso tiramisu; lemon-and-goat-cheese block with balmy blueberry compote and candied auto zest; pecorino with argument confit, crystallized ginger, and citrus vinegar; leash of mango, raspberry, and attic sorbets.

NeylaDinner appetizers: Mediterranean bloom with broiled alarm pepper, feta, mint, chickpeas, and sherry vinegar; lentil soup with pita chips; air-dried beef served with blanch egg on damaged French bread.Dinner entrées: Oven-roasted craven with couscous; braised lamb model served over eggplant-manchego purée; shrimp kebab marinated in oregano and olive oil served with batata harra.Dinner desserts: Broiled phyllo chef with honey summary and pistachio; house-made yogurt with pistachio, mango, and broiled apricots.

OccidentalAvailable January 17 by way of 30Lunch appetizers: Lentil soup with back-scratch acerb cream; watercress-and-endive bloom with poached pear, amethyst seeds, dupe cheese, broiled hazelnuts, and banyuls French dressing; red-wine-poached egg on brioche acknowledgment with mushrooms, frisée, applewood bacon, and bordelaise sauce; cavatelli with bison-and-venison bolognese, baldheaded pecorino, and absurd leeks.Lunch entrées: Sauteed pork-loin scaloppini with calvados, broiled apples, fennel, alacrity seeds, and braised winter greens; pecan-crusted rainbow-trout filet with haricots verts, crimson currants, and orange French dressing; broiled craven breast with sweet-onion soubise, sauteed artichokes, and assemble craven glaze; bison hanger steak and bedrock shrimp on wasabi arugula with broiled turnips, beets, truthful onions, and a tarragon-shallot dressing.Lunch desserts: Amber tissimo with milk-chocolate-and-banana ice chrism and rum sauce; boilerplate crème brûlée with cookies; balmy angel acerb with star-anise-and-caramel booze and vanilla-bean ice cream.

Dinner appetizers: Chestnut soup with a black-truffle-and-marscarpone chrism and arugula; watercress-and-endive bloom with poached pear, amethyst seeds, dupe cheese, broiled hazelnuts, and banyuls French dressing; broiled sea scallops with annihilate purée, black-trumpet mushrooms, and a fig-vinegar gastrique; cavatelli with bison-and-venison bolognese, baldheaded pecorino, and absurd leeks; braised pork stomach with candied kumquats, savoy cabbage, beech mushrooms, and ginger-and-star-anise discount.Dinner entrées: Lime-scented mahi mahi with black-bean mash, babyish cilantro, avocado-tomatillo tapenade, and chipotle-butter sauce; sautéed Chesapeake rockfish with Brussels sprouts, pancetta, root-vegetable purée, and black-truffle sauce; broiled blimp blanch with fig jam, winter greens, and cider-mustard sauce; broiled bison hanger steak with beet coulis, leek-artichoke ragout, crimson currants, and blood-orange discount.Dinner desserts: Boilerplate crème brûlée with cookies; angel strudel with buttermilk ice chrism and caramel-star-anise; amber roulade with broiled bing cherries and cappuccino-crunch ice cream.

OyamelLunch and banquet aboriginal babyish plates: Bloom with jicama root, mango, cucumbers, jalapenos, quaso fresco, and Mexican acerb orange; backwoodsman ceviche with avocado, tomatillo, blooming olives, and jalapeno chiles; Mexican annihilate bloom with burst queso fresco, ashamed peanuts, and hibiscus dressing.Lunch and banquet added babyish plates: Breakable Brussels sprouts with an arbol chile sauce, attic seed, peanuts, and lime; baby-cactus bloom with tomatoes in adhesive dressing; black-bean soup with Mexican chrism and age-old cotija, served with a ancillary of ancho chili, avocado, and absurd tortillas.Lunch and banquet third babyish plates: Seared scallops with pasilla-chile-and-pumpkin-seed sauce, orange segments, pumpkin-seed oil, and broiled attic seeds; tamale with tomatillo sauce, disconnected craven breast, garlic, and cilantro; braised abbreviate ribs with cilantro-parsley-and-garlic sauce; meatballs in chipotle booze with burst cheese, cilantro, and chiles.Lunch and banquet tacos: Agrarian mushrooms with garlic and shallots, served with guacamole; braised beef argot with radishes and pasilla-tomato-and-onion sauce; barbecued pork with pickled crimson onion and Mexican acerb orange; blah tortilla blimp with disconnected beef in an ancho-chile-and-cumin sauce, served with salsa.Lunch and banquet desserts: Block blood-soaked in Coruba rum and three sorts of milk with rum-and-milk foam, pineapple gelatin, pineapple salsa, and a beat of caramel ice cream; shut bake-apple bloom of mango, pineapple, melon, passionfruit seeds, lime-and-vanilla gelatin, and epazote, served with yogurt-lime ice cream.

Paolo’s RistoranteDinner aboriginal programs: Pistachio soup; roasted-sage craven ravioli en brodo.Dinner added programs: Absolutist salad; gorgonzola-and-sweet-onion acerb with frisée, arugula, and fig marmalade.Dinner third programs: Linguine and cockles with white wine, garlic, and starting herbs; mortadella tortelloni with look and academician amber butter; vegetable terrine fabricated with eggplant, tomatoes, starting mozzarella, leeks, and butternut squash.Dinner fourth programs: Braised abbreviate rib with broiled semolina gnocchi, swiss chard, and red-wine jus; risotto backtalk block with amazon fondue, broiled zucchini, and lemon-caper aïoli; seared beef tenderloin with gorgonzola-and-sweet-onion acerb and backtalk bernaise.Dinner desserts: Amaretto chrism with cookie crumble; amber panna cotta with raspberry vacherins and hazelnut brittle.

PassionFishLunch and banquet appetizers: Easy blooming salad; Absolutist salad; beet salad; Louisiana seafood gumbo; butternut-squash-and-lobster bisque; blue-crab-and-corn chowder; Peruvian-style ceviche; Yucatan-shrimp cocktail; leash of tuna, salmon, and hamachi nigiri.Lunch and banquet entrées: Better of entreés from accepted menu; added $9 for band steak and lobster claypot banquet entreés.Lunch and banquet desserts: Angel breakable with vanilla-bean ice cream, caramel crème brûlée with almond biscotti; chocolate-mousse praline disaster with vanilla-bean anglaise and burnt-orange caramel.

RisLunch and banquet appetizers: Endive, walnut, and smokey dejected cheese bloom with pears, candied walnuts, and Anchorage French dressing; ricotta dumplings on tomato-and-eggplant fondue with look and prosciutto.Lunch and banquet entrées: Home-made ricotta cavatelli with broiled butternut squash, mushrooms, sherry-caramelized onions, cranberries, and walnuts; basin of mussels with tomato, chorizo, garlic, herbs, and broiled aliment (out there as an appetizer throughout dinner); sesame-crusted apricot with gingered beets, bok choi, soba noodles, and red-curry-coconut broth; meatloaf with mashed potatoes, kale, and increase gravy; pan-roasted Chesapeake rockfish with potato confit, pickled onions, olives, convalescent lemon, Parmesan cream, and minted ache fundamentals (dinner solely).Lunch and banquet desserts: Flourless amber block with bourbon-chestnut ice cream; goat-cheese block with lingonberry coulis, pecan-graham crust, and cardamom anglaise; house-made ice lotions and sorbets with cookies.

Smith CommonsAvailable January 18 by way of 30; company 21 and over moreover settle for a adulatory summary beer.Dinner appetizers: Beef carpaccio with babyish arugula; increase velouté; Belgian endive bloom with feta, hazelnuts, broiled cranberries, blush pepper, and red-wine French dressing.Dinner entreés: Broiled bisected craven with sautéed look and mashed potatoes; half-pound Angus beef burger with broiled portabello mushrooms, scallions, miso mayonnaise, and frites; eggplant lasagna with buttery spinach, goat-cheese crumble, and thin-sliced toast.Dinner desserts: Boilerplate crème brûlée; Belgian-chocolate bedrock block with boilerplate aerated cream; melancholia sorbet or ice cream.

Sou’WesterDinner appetizers: Bibb-lettuce bloom with assemble French dressing; summary bloom with buttery agronomical bathrobe and Sou’Wester bacon bits; arugula-and-persimmon bloom with baldheaded ham and balsamic French dressing; bazaar vegetable bloom with goat-cheese crostini; increase soup; blah borsch with applewood-bacon bits; smoked-bluefish bloom with cornichons and potato chips; Virginia absurd oysters with smoked-pepper aïoli; aflame mussels with amazon broth, onion, and broiled bread; broiled dogie sweetbread with angled spinach, agrarian mushrooms, pork jowl, and shallot-oregano butter; scrapple with absurd egg and pork jus.Dinner entreés: Broiled shrimp with grits, ham, and foundation greens; adolescent niçoise bloom with haricots verts, oven-roasted tomato, above egg, olive crumbs, and capers; pan-seared filet of beck trout with buttermilk mashed potatoes, braised collard greens, and ham sauce; sautéed rockfish with Brussels sprouts, fingerling potatoes, bacon, butternut squash, thyme, and honey jus; potato-crusted accident with broiled alarm pepper, shrimp, clams, and shrimp emulsion; bucket absurd craven with coleslaw; chicken-and-dumplings with foundation greens and assemble velouté; sautéed keep away from breast with braised alarm greens, broiled parsnips, Gala apples, and parsnip purée; 12-ounce prime rib with twice-baked potatoes, braised spinach, and beef jus.Dinner desserts: Boilerplate amazon with passionfruit-and-orange sauce; crimson clover block with cream-cheese frosting; mud pie, crimson clover torte; Jack Daniels pecan pie; absurd angel pie.


Absolutely the card is on supply.

TenPenhLunch and banquet appetizers: Filipino bounce rolls; wok-seared ambrosial calamari salad; absurd shrimp dumplings; abode salad; soup du jour; Thai-style tom yum goong soup; craven invoice wraps (lunch solely); craven roti (dinner solely); apricot tartare (dinner solely).Lunch and banquet entrées: Better of entreés from accepted menu; added $9 for lobster and band loin.Lunch and banquet desserts: Inexperienced-tea block with auto ice chrism and amethyst anglaise; bananas advance bounce cycle with spiced walnuts and vanilla-bean ice cream; aqueous amber block with white-chocolate chantilly chrism and soy caramel.

three Bar & GrillAvailable by way of January 30. Banquet features a adulatory bottle of abode wine or a summary beer.Lunch and banquet appetizers: Blue-cheese chips with house-cured bacon; calamari with marinara and tzatziki sauces; sesame-crusted adolescent lollipops with seaweed bloom and wasabi cream; Savannah-style barbecue wings; house-cured bacon-on-a-stick (lunch solely); soup of the day; invoice wraps with keep away from and bourbon molasses; scallops and grits with ham and tomatoes; mussels and sausage aflame in Dale’s Pale Ale; block salad; Absolutist salad; look salad; backyard salad; absurd oysters dusted in cornmeal with black-eyed-pea urge for food and Creole remoulade (dinner solely). Lunch entrées: Abode burger; grilled-chicken sandwich with fries; BLT with fried-green tomato; steak-and-cheese panini with fries; pulled-duck sandwich with fries; begrimed grouper sandwich with fries; Cuban sandwich; mac-and-cheese with mixed-greens salad; broiled cheese with fontina, Gruyère, cheddar, and bacon; fried-chicken bloom with alloyed greens; steak bloom with absurd onions and assemble dupe cheese; sesame-crusted adolescent on seaweed bloom with soy-lime French dressing.Dinner entrées: Bacon-wrapped pork loin with cornbread-bacon stuffing, mashed potatoes, and beer-and-bacon-braised Brussels sprouts; keep away from breast with sweet-potato-and-duck hash, shallots, and amethyst glaze; braised abbreviate ribs with mac-and-cheese and collard greens; barbecue shrimp-and-grits with caramelized shallots and bacon; rib eye with mashed potato and broiled cartilage marrow; herb-crusted grouper with potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, and Little Neck clams; risotto with acorn and butternut squash, sage, and thyme; braised pork shanks over aerated foundation greens. Lunch and banquet desserts: Amber amazon with starting aerated cream; amber aliment pudding with balmy white-chocolate sauce.

Trummer’s on MainDinner appetizers: Frisée invoice with pistachios, bacon, and amethyst French dressing; nation pork terrine with prunes, absurd bread, and whole-grain mustard; borscht soup with smoked salmon, horseradish, and crème fraîche; craven bonbon with bacalao, blanch egg, and chicken-jus French dressing.Dinner entrées: Purple-wine-braised beef abbreviate ribs with quince, braised crimson cabbage, and red-wine froth; black-trumpet risotto with Parmesan-dashi broth; pan-roasted Irish apricot with braised duck, oysters, and aji-panca emulsion; pork tenderloin with Brussels sprouts hash, parnisp purée, and orange-coriander-pork jus.Dinner desserts: Praline semi-freddo with area Oreo, apricot amber sorbet, and candied hazelnuts; creamsicle parfait with boilerplate crème, orange granita, and rye graham cracker; amber block with brown-sugar ice chrism and amber streusel; artisanal cheese plate.

2941Accessible January 10 to 31Lunch appetizers: Chestnut velouté with eggnog custard and increase fricassée; pâté de campagne with pickled greens and salad.Lunch entrées: Sea scallops with romesco sauce, broiled scallion, and parsley; auto risotto with cauliflower and herbs; bacon-wrapped blimp blanch with cannelloni beans and winter kale.Lunch desserts: Earl Gray pot de creme with clementines, walnut-brioche bostock, and breakable nougatine; milk-chocolate dacquoise with attic ice chrism and macadamia caramel.

VidaliaLunch and banquet appetizers: Citrus-cured apricot with horseradish-lemon cream, radish, cucumber, dill, and pumpernickel croutons; pork posole with white-corn hominy, peppers, cabbage, cilantro, and lime; smoked tagliatelle pasta with braised dogie ragu, agrarian mushrooms, garlic, and black-truffle adulate ($three upcharge); five-onion soup with chives and Amish-cheddar puffs; beef tartare with potato crisp, brioche, micro-herb salad, and alacrity sorbet; backtalk block with tasso ham, candied blah billy choux, and backtalk adulate ($5 upcharge); absurd oysters with cucumber ribbons, pickled peppers, arugula, and blooming goddess bathrobe ($three upcharge); smoked foie-gras torchon with absinthian chocolate, quince marmalade, anchorage gelée, pistachio, and drupe cracker ($5 upcharge); melancholia invoice alloy with spiced pecans, dejected cheese, pears, and sweet-onion French dressing (dinner solely).Lunch and banquet entrées: Cornmeal-crusted trout with babyish lima beans, scallions, crawfish, nation ham, and alacrity butter; duck-leg bonbon with buttery arborio rice, aeroembolism apples, cranberry, Brussels sprouts, and starting sage; shrimp and grits with onion, spinach, tasso ham, and mollusk chrism ($four upcharge); beef abbreviate rib with potato purée, anesthetized carrots, truthful onions, and root-beer jus; potato-crusted accident with sautéed shrimp, cauliflower purée, marcona almonds, and brown-butter chrism ($four upcharge); pork stomach with buttery savoy cabbage, bacon, onions, and rye jus; apricot with beluga lentils, maitake mushrooms, foie-gras butter, and red-wine-veal jus; steak bloom with dejected cheese, broiled romaine, mushrooms, bacon, and sweet-onion French dressing ($10 upcharge); Vidalia’s dejected plate; chili-glazed keep away from breast with rice stir-fry, keep away from egg, keep away from confit, scallions, and five-spice jus ($6 upcharge, banquet solely); New York band steak with potato purée, caramelized onion purée, agrarian mushrooms, and steak booze ($10 upcharge).Lunch and banquet desserts: Maple crème brûlée with oatmeal-bourbon chrism cookie; black-bottom block with Valrhona amber mousse and amber keep away from sauce; auto chess pie with auto custard, drupe compote, and chantilly cream; peanut-butter disaster with amber cream, amber ganache cake, and milk-chocolate feuilletine; pecan pie with bourbon-caramel booze and boilerplate ice cream; spiced poached pear with attic batter cake, anchorage discount, and biscuit foam; artisanal cheese advance with melancholia compotes ($5 upcharge); starting melancholia berries with chantilly chrism ($5 upcharge).

Westend BistroLunch appetizers: Abode salad; cauliflower-and-walnut soup with braised apples and bacon jam.Lunch entrées: Brief-rib pot pie; angle burger; garganelli.Lunch desserts: Cookie plate; profiteroles; crème brulée.

Dinner appetizers: Keep away from paté with a babyish bloom and annihilate chutney; cauliflower-and-walnut soup with braised apples and bacon jam; breakable pork stomach on frisée with almonds, kumquat, and chorizo French dressing.Dinner entrées: Garganelli with sausage ragu and aerated mozzarella; mussels with garlic butter, white wine, parsley, and broiled toast; abbreviate rib with truffled-potato purée, foundation greens, and au poivre sauce.Dinner desserts: Ice-cream sandwich with white-chocolate-chip accolade and walnut ice cream; beignets with auto acerbate and huckleberry sorbet; spiced crème brûlée.

WildfireLunch appetizers: French-onion soup; shrimp-and-crab bisque; abode salad; Absolutist salad.Lunch entrées: Broiled greens and acreage greens with broiled rooster; blimp burger of the day; cedar-planked salmon; bourbon tenderloin tip.Lunch desserts: Home-made Key adhesive pie with graham-cracker band and starting aerated cream; flourless amber block with starting aerated cream.

Dinner appetizers: French-onion soup; shrimp-and-crab bisque; abode salad; Absolutist salad.Dinner entrées: Craven Moreno with artichokes, tomatoes, and arugula; cedar-planked apricot with brown-sugar-and-soy glaze; colossal agglomeration crabcakes with alacrity mayonnaise; filet mignon.Dinner desserts: New York-style amazon with better of topping; house-made Key adhesive pie with graham-cracker band and starting aerated cream; flourless amber block with starting aerated cream.

ZaytinyaLunch accessible January 17 by way of 29; banquet accessible January 17 by way of 30.Lunch and banquet aboriginal course: Hummus; baba ghanoush; fattoush (tomato, cucumber, crimson onion, blooming pepper, radish, pita chips, and pomegranate-vinegar dressing); algid craven bloom with walnut-cilantro sauce.Lunch and banquet added course: Falafel with tahini sauce; saffron-rice pilaf with dates and pistachios; sautéed shrimp with dill, shallots, mustard, and auto juice; craven with orzo, tomato, and kefalograviera cheese.Lunch and banquet third course: Spanikopita; breakable eggplant with roasted-garlic-and-yogurt sauce; broiled craven shish taouk with sumac onions, broiled onions, and garlic toum; seared sea scallops with yogurt-dill sauce.Dinner-only fourth course: Braised abbreviate ribs with spiced-tomato stew; seared apricot with braised agrarian mushrooms, butternut-squash purée, and amethyst molasses; broiled cauliflower with sultans, caperberries, and ache nuts; ground-lamb kebab with harissa, broiled tomatoes, sumac, and onions.Lunch and banquet dessert: Marinated apricots with vanilla-yogurt cream, apricot sorbet, and pistachio powder; Turkish Delight with walnut ice cream.

ZentanDinner appetizers: Crudo basin with tuna, escolar, and scallop; chopped rooster, peanuts, baptize chestnuts, and Bibb lettuce; Singapore slaw with salted-plum dressing.Dinner entreés: Broiled apricot with stir-fried greens and miso-cream sauce; disconnected craven or tofu with stir-fried greens and cashews; Cantonese marinated brim steak with wasabi-potato purée, chili ponzu, and hazelnuts.Dinner dessert: Lemongrass panna cotta; balmy amber cake; various of artisanal ice chrism or sorbet.

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